What microns really mean in real-life:-

What is a micron? A micron is equal to one millionth of a metre. It is normally used to refer to the layer height, also known as print resolution or Z height. So 60 microns is equal to 0.06mm. The lower the micron, the higher the resolution.

FDM 3D printers vary in their layer height capability, generally we see machines running from 60 microns to 300 microns layer heights.

So in theory, if you always print at a lower layer heights (i.e. lesser microns) then you should always get better results. Right?

Testing the micron theory:-

Take a look at in the photo

Some part, printed on the same printer, same material, same settings except for one thing – the layer height:
parts “1” is printed at 60 microns
parts ”2′ is printed at 100 microns
parts “3” is printed at 200 microns

Which one visibly looks the best? Easy answer: Parts 1. So which part was printed at which layer height? Was Parts 1 printed at 60 microns?

No, in fact it may surprise some, but Parts 3 was 3D printed at 200 microns. Parts 2 was printed at 100 microns and Parts 1 at 60 microns.

                                  Parts 1 “60” Micron                                                                                  Parts 2 “100” Micron                                                                                      Parts 3 “200” Micron