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Live Demo Parts

3d Printed Light vase

FDM 3D printed plastic Light vase .

Flexible Filamet

The development of exotic filaments, including flexible filament, is driving advances in the applications of 3D printing technology.

we can now print an increasingly complex and diverse array of 3D designs. With any new material, comes a new set of challenges to get the best prints possible. we will go through some different types of flexible filament, some common challenges, and the for successful results with flexible filament.

3d Printed Gears

Designing this toy definitely took a few tries to get the desired effect. While doing so I collected notes on perfecting printed gears and I thought it was interesting. intended as a general guide for designing & printing FDM 3D printed plastic gears.

3d Printed Mobile Stand Parts

FDM 3D printed plastic Mobile Phone Stand.

3d Printed Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners have been all the rage in 2017, entertaining and relieving stress for both children and adults alike. If you don’t already have one, we highly suggest getting your fingers on one. And while you could go into your local shop (really, pretty much everywhere is selling these things) to buy a fidget spinner to fulfil your spinning needs, why not take the DIY approach and 3D print one of these awesome and creative fidget spinners, brought to you by the maker community..