The ability to control the flow of your filament makes printing easier and more consistent. One of the major factors affecting this control is filament diameter. If your 3D printer believes it is receiving one diameter of filament, it will set the extrusion speed accordingly, extruding a perfect amount. The printer has no way to adjust on the fly, so if the filament diameter fluctuates then the amount it extrudes will be inconsistent. This can lead to blobby prints due to over-extrusion or weak prints due to under-extrusion.


Perfectly round 3D printer filament prints best. If it has too much ovality, it may cause the filament to twist, extrude unevenly, or jam in your printer.

Jams = bad. Perfectly round filament = good!


In-Line Measurement

A multi-axis laser scans the filament 400 times per second as it is being produced, giving unrivaled diameter and ovality tolerance. Many other 3D printer filament manufacturers only measure after the filament has been produced using a small sampling of the total production.

Our filament is guaranteed to be within +/- 0.05mm of the stated diameter.


Sample Of Filament Quality